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Approved Coal Merchant

When purchasing solid fuel from a supplier it is essential to ensure they are an approved coal merchant. If they are not a member of the scheme, there are no standards or codes which they must abide by and operate to. 

As a result there are no assurances in the products and advice you are receiving from them. As a member of the scheme, we abide by the Coal Trade Code and are committed to serving in the best interests of our customers. The code is based upon eight principles and ensures a basis for honest and fair trading.

The principles are as follows:

  • Supply good quality Coal and Smokeless Fuel correctly described.
  • Ensure that packed fuels are marked with the maximum information.
  • Ensure that staff have a basic knowledge of the Retail Coal Trade.
  • Supply suitable fuels for particular appliances.
  • Investigate all consumer complaints promptly.
  • Display a detailed and up-to-date price list.
  • Trade in a manner compatible with the good repute of the Retail Coal Trade.
  • Make customers aware of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from burning fossil fuels and how they can obtain information to protect themselves.

The Approved Coal Merchant Scheme is set up to act in the best interests of customers. It protects customers against unethical practices and ensures consumers are getting quality products and advice. Founded in 1962 by the Coal Board, it was a partnership between wholesalers and retailers within the solid fuel industry. Today, the Solid Fuel Association funds the scheme which itself is funded by major producers and distributors in the industry.

To become an Approved Coal Merchant, you must go before an Area Panel formed by representatives from the Solid Fuel Association and demonstrate sufficient knowledge of appliances, fuels and consumer laws. It is a lengthy process requiring research, revision and experience. As a member of the scheme, you can purchase in full confidence every time you use HouseFuel’s products. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch through any of our contact details listed at the top of each page.

Further details on the Approved Coal Merchant Scheme can be found on the organisation’s website.

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