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Often, our third-party delivery partners use 18-tonne lorries as the driver may have multiple drop-offs to carry out on any given day. However, we understand not all our customers live on main roads and access to the property can be difficult. We are able to request for your order to be delivered on a smaller vehicle if you think it may help, this is subject to an additional charge of £25. This will be automatically added to your total charge if you select 'Yes'. This vehicle is able to travel wherever your rubbish collectors do when they make their rounds.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a smaller lorry, we have listed below the average size of an 18-tonne lorry.

18 Tonne Lorry Size Reference

Width: 2.6m

Length: 12m

Height: 4.1m

7.5 Tonne Lorry Size Reference

Width: 2.4m

Length: 8m

Height: 3.5m

These sizes can vary slightly from lorry to lorry. If you believe this size lorry can fit down your road then, please select 'No' during the checkout when asked if you require a smaller vehicle for delivery.

Please note, if we are required to make a re-delivery due to withheld information regarding access to the customer's address, the customer will incur a re-delivery charge. If the third-party haulage company arrives at the location and deems it unsafe or impossible to complete the delivery due to withheld information, the customer will receive a refund minus the delivery charge.

If you have any queries with our delivery processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are a variety of ways that you can contact us and are shown at the top of each page. We will be more than happy to help and answer your questions where possible.

Delivery Service for Approved Smokeless Fuel or Logs

HouseFuel will deliver these fuels on a pallet using a third party pallet haulage company that offers a nationwide service. Orders are delivered on a tail lift truck; once the pallet is lowered the goods are manoeuvred to the kerbside at the front of the property using a pump truck.

Occasionally, deliveries can be taken onto the driveway if it is a flat concrete/tarmac surface with no gradient. This is at the driver’s discretion on the delivery day and whether or not they deem it safe for them to do so. They are typically very accommodating and help to meet the requirements of our customers as best they can.

For more detailed information on our pallet delivery service please click here.

Delivery Service for House Coal

With a change in legislation, effective the 1st May 2021, House Coal in England can only be delivered in open sacks by an Approved Coal Merchant. Our usual pallet delivery service can’t do this, so we’ve put in place an alternative method to have your Coal hand-delivered:

  • When you order House Coal the fuel will be delivered by hand, in 25kg Plastic Bags.
  • Our delivery partner will leave the House Coal in a safe place on your property, or where directed to (if safe and reasonable to do so).
  • The House Coal can be tipped into a suitable coal bunker or store and the empty bags taken away for recycling.
  • Alternatively, the House Coal can remain in the bags. However, please note, that the bags will be cut open before our delivery partner leaves your premises, in order to comply with the new legislation
  • Delivery Time is within 5 working days of order.
  • You do not need to be at home for delivery to take place
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