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Environmental Policy

At HouseFuel we not only have a policy to provide the best possible customer service, but also minimise our impact on the environment. Caring for the environment is essential in all our operations and we continually asses and evaluate what we can do to be better.

In 2012 we installed 140 solar panels at our offices, consequently we are now not only self sufficient, but provide electricity back to the national grid. These panels provide a source of renewable energy and power everything from the lights to our computer screens. 2006 saw the plantation of over one thousand trees all absorbing CO2 in their growth. These trees will continually absorb CO2 throughout their lifetime and are beneficial to the environment. 

Our HouseFuel Smokeless Oval range has been developed specifically to release fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere when burnt. This care and attention is evident within all our operations as we strive to act as efficiently as we can. Small alterations in our operations, transporting all our goods in full loads for example have had dramatic results. This small change resulted in a lower amount of vehicles on the road and fewer emissions created.

HouseFuel practices in all its operations the principles of the ‘3R’s, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. The Environmental Policy is referred to in all decision making processes and included in induction of new staff, board members and volunteers.


  • Non-essential documents and emails will not be printed.
  • We will annually review which internal documents and external publications are essential, if they are not they will be cancelled.
  • We will endeavour to avoid disposable cups and food packaging bought by the office for events.
  • We will ensure all printing and photocopying is done on double-side paper.


  • Scrap paper will be used in printers, fax machines and for note taking or draft copies of documents.
  • Envelopes and packaging will be re-used where possible.


  • HouseFuel will have a nominated person who will have the responsibility to recycle paper, cardboard, toner cartridges and inkjets.
  • If office furniture or IT equipment is being replaced then we will seek to have those items re-used or recycled.

Our environmental protocol is reviewed continuously and all aspects of the policy are monitored as an ongoing practice. This continuous development has already resulted in HouseFuel looking to take its renewable energy policy further. We are currently in the process of assessing the merits of wind energy and having a turbine located on our site.

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