London Coal Merchants

London Coal Merchants

Here at HouseFuel we supply a large range of coal products suitable for an array of appliances for domestic and commercial applications in the London area. As a London Coal Merchant, our range includes smokeless and non smokeless fuels, firelighters, seasoned hardwood logs and kindling.

Unlike other London Coal Merchants, we sell our smokeless and non smokeless fuels at a flat rate nationwide. This ensures low prices across the country regardless of your location in Britain. Whether you live half an hour down the road or in the city centre, our prices make us the ideal coal merchants in London.

Smoke Control Areas are in force in various places throughout the country in order to reduce the emissions created with the burning of solid fuel. Virtually the entire City of London and surrounding areas have limits in place prohibiting the burning of non smokeless fuels. In order to make sure that you can still heat your homes and appliances with solid fuel, our HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals are specifically manufactured to be burnt in these controlled zones.

Our HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals are the perfect coal for use in London with low sulphur, ash and moisture, whilst still providing great high heat output burning for substantial lengths of time. Authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, they ovals are the perfect smokeless fuel for London areas.

With fast delivery to London available and complimentary firelighters included with all orders, HouseFuel is the perfect coal merchant to choose this winter season.

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