North West Collection Hub

North West Collection Hub

HouseFuel is delighted to announce it is providing a new collection facility for its range of high quality solid fuels in the North West. With 5 hoppers installed, each with their own digital scale, every collection can be completed quickly and efficiently, ensuring the majority of your time is spent delivering to your customers and not loading the products. As each fuel has its own unique hopper, unlike a number of merchants offering a collection service today, our quick turnaround and efficient service is guaranteed.

HouseFuel Range:

House coal:

Smokeless Fuel:

This excellent range of high quality fuels is perfect for a wide array of appliances and provides a selection of products suitable for both smoke control and uncontrolled areas.

If you require something not currently stocked do not worry. Simply let us know the type of fuel you need and if there is enough demand for that product, we will endeavour to source it for you and add it to our range.

Our range of fuels is also available in high quality pre-packed bags. Packaged in strong, clean bags in both 25kg and 10kg sizes, this pre-packed fuel is ideal for your customers without a coal bunker and where open sacks are not an option. The pre-pack bags are manufactured utilising the latest robotic plant equipment and provides an attractive design.

With long opening hours, low prices and excellent fuels, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements and any questions that you may have. Visit our Contact Us page to view the numerous ways in which you can do so.

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