Always Refuelling Your Woodburner?

Do you own a wood burning stove? Are you tired with how often you need to re-stock and re-fuel the appliance with more logs?

You could drastically change the way in which you burn solid fuel by simply adding a multi-fuel grate to your wood burning stove. Adding a grate will position the fuel higher in the appliance, allowing the ash to fall away and the solid fuel to continue to burn. Although a small initial charge is likely in order to install the grate, the longevity of solid fuel as well as far greater efficiency (in comparison to logs) means it will quickly pay for itself.

It is however essential to speak with your appliance’s manufacturer to see if they can install the grate, as it is not possible with all models.

Adding a multi-fuel grate will open up your world to a whole new array of solid fuels, including the four fantastic smokeless fuels that we stock.

  • Anthracite - This is a high performance fuel with a low flame and high heat output. The smaller nuts will bed together more closely, resulting in an intense fire bed and great efficiency.
  • Burnrite - Burnrite is an extremely low ash product which provides intense heat output. Therefore, it will be more cost effective as less fuel is wasted during the burning process.
  • Stovemaster - This fuel is produced from Anthracite, ensuring a consistent, highly efficient fire every time. Stovemaster will burn steadily for long periods of time with sufficient air supply from your appliance.
  • Smokeless Ovals - This brilliant smokeless fuel will produce more heat than traditional coal with the added benefit of a highly attractive flame. This fuel is also HETAS and DEFRA approved and will burn for a significant length of time.

So if you follow our handy tips it'll mean refuelling your woodburner will be much easier and less of a chore! If you would like more information on any of our smokeless fuels, please contact one of our advisers on 01695 425 034.

See below for a downloadable leaflet produced by the Solid Fuel Association.

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