Burnwell & Burnrite

HouseFuel are delighted to announce the addition of two new fuels to the product range. Burnwell Blend and HouseFuel Burnrite are both manufactured ovals suitable for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Burnrite is an authorised smokeless fuel and can be burnt across the UK in controlled areas.

Manufactured in the UK, Burnwell Blend and Burnrite are premium quality fuels designed to provide good heat output with low ash content due to their Petroleum Coke content. The ovals are a cost effective fuel and create a warm fire with only a small amount of fuel needed.

Whether you are looking for a smokeless fuel or an alternative option to traditional house coal, HouseFuel Burnrite and Burnwell Blend could be the perfect fuels for you.

HouseFuel have taken the decision to no longer stock and sell Burnwell Blend. We believe that the HouseFuel Inferno Briquettes are a fantastic alternative, providing low ash and incredible heat output.

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