HouseFuel's Lorry

The prosperous relationship between HouseFuel and the third party haulage company it uses to make deliveries nationwide continues to grow. Sovereign Transport Services, part of the Palletways group, recently contacted HouseFuel to inform them that they wished to use their brand and name on the curtains of the new vehicle in its fleet.

HouseFuel was keen to continue the development of its relationship with STS with a prompt, efficient and effective delivery service key for its customers. The curtain will be seen by thousands of people each year as the vehicle travels all around the country making deliveries to customers. 

We are really pleased that STS wanted to adopt our brand on the curtains of their new vehicle. It looks great and will help to increase our brand awareness nationwide. The lorry will be great exposure for the HouseFuel brand highlighting its product range, low prices and great delivery service to the thousands of potential customers it passes on the road.

M.D. Ian Mercer.

The new lorry joins the fleet of modern vehicles used by STS to get deliveries to HouseFuel’s customer regardless of the weather. The colder winters which the UK has suffered from in recent times have meant that customers have become more and more dependent on having solid fuel delivered to their door. This vehicle strengthens the delivery network and allows HouseFuel to offer nationwide, year round service.

In-line with HouseFuel’s environmental policy, where possible all delivery vehicles travel with full loads. Loading each lorry with the maximum number of pallets reduces the number of vehicles on the road and the emissions they create. Managing transportation closely results in a more efficient, streamlined service with a lower environmental impact. “The environmental impact of our actions is a key concern for HouseFuel”, said M.D. Ian Mercer. “This is why we introduced our ‘3R’ policy and continue to lower impact where we can.”

The HouseFuel lorry is now operational and can be seen out on the highways carrying its loads. Whatever the winter brings this year the delivery infrastructure means HouseFuel is prepared for all your needs.

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