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In March 2014 HouseFuel visited the manufacturer of their Smokeless Fuel. Maxibrite, located in Llantrisant South Wales are a leading independent solid fuel manufacturer with over 50 years experience in the solid fuel industry.

Over time they have built a reputation for continually producing excellent quality solid fuels for a wide array of appliances and needs.

The process of manufacturing smokeless fuel is a complex one, requiring years of experience and product knowledge. One of the most difficult stages in the production process is selecting the correct feed stock input percentages of the raw materials. Due to the components being a natural product, variation in the materials composition can effect the final products performance. Through careful selection of the raw material input percentages, Maxibrite can ensure a consistent, quality end product.

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Once the raw materials have been carefully adjusted and selected, they are screened to ensure a consistent size and remove any substances that could affect the end product. The raw materials are then mixed in large cylinders with an organic. natural starch, binding together the various components forming the base product of the final fuel. Using a natural starch provides further peace of mind in comparison with synthetic compounds some competitors use. Image of the plant and cylinder

The new mixture of the feed stock and organic starch is taken to the next stage in the process. At this point the mixture is fed into a press and formed into the appropriate shape association with the type of fuel it is. Using specialised machinery, the set of two rollers are a custom metallic alloy with the appropriate release value to ensure once formed, the fuel drops free. If the fuel does not release, then a bouquet of briquettes can form pressed into each other rendering a batch unusable and potentially damaging the machinery.

Now pressed and formed, the briquettes are taken through on conveyor belts to the next step in the process. Placed into a large cylindrical oven, the briquettes are heat treated and the binder cured in order to ensure the fuel is not brittle. This process makes the fuel hard wearing reducing the number of fines and dust created when handled. Uncured fuels are fragile and when transported create significant levels of damaged briquettes.

Once the baking process is complete, a cross section example of the fuel produced goes through an extensive testing process. Maxibrite strive for not only excellent fuels, but consistent product and performance time after time again. Testing the fuels meticulously allows the manufacturer to be certain that the product they are producing meets not only their, but also their customers demands. This scrupulously attention to detail is why Maxibrite have established a world renowned reputation for excellent quality fuels. Consistent, high quality fuel is essential in an industry where customers make multiple purchases each year.

We are delighted with the vigilant approach Maxibrite take in the production of their smokeless fuels. We can guarantee our customers excellent products time and time again because of the trust we have with our suppliers.

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The meticulous approach from Maxibrite to each of the products is why HouseFuel can offer excellent quality smokeless fuels ideal for a wide range of appliances.HETAS approved and authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, our excellent HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals provide great heat output for a consistent amount of time.

All orders with HouseFuel include complimentary firelighters, this ensures when the temperatures drop you have everything you need to get your appliance going. These are automatically added to your order on our system after you have placed your order with them put on the pallet with your other goods.

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