Glowing Reviews & Growing Supply

After a busy summer period we would like to say thank you to all our new and returning customers, who are continuing to help HouseFuel become not only one of Britain's leading coal merchants, but more importantly, the most cost-friendly option for the most important piece of the puzzle, you, the consumer.

Unlike traditional solid fuel suppliers, we supply directly to the end user, allowing us to supply the most efficient fuel at the lowest prices, all year round.

We are hearing many stories from new customers, on how they have been passed our details from their friends, family and neighbours on purchasing direct from us. This is exactly what we are aiming for as a company and strongly believe in the importance of word of mouth. There are now some streets were we supply the majority of the households. Some smaller users are also taking advantage of our huge savings on full pallets, and sharing an order with a neighbour.

Many solid fuel users continue to pay the inflated prices from their traditional supply, without realising a fortune can be saved throughout the year. When traditional energy prices like Gas and Electric increase, most people will seek new, more cost effective supply - and solid fuel users should too.

So we urge anyone to pass on our name and service and donot forget to claim your free fuel in the process via our 'Recommend a Friend' Scheme.

HouseFuel are constantly looking to increase and improve their available fuel, just recently we introduced the 'HouseFuel Mixed Ovoids' which is a mixture of the finest ovals and ovoid's on the market, all suitable for use in multi fuel stoves, carefully selected to burn and compliment each other in your appliance.

Having only been on the market for number of weeks, the product is already gaining positive support from users and the feedback we are receiving is excellent.

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