New HouseFuel 10kg Range

Here at HouseFuel we are pleased to announce our new 10kg packs. The expansion comes as a result of listening to our customers and their wish to have our same great fuels available in a smaller bag size option.

The 10kg packs, available in our fantastic HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals or Grade A Colombian Coal provide great heat output and are suitable for a range of appliances. Check our Fuel Chooser to see which one will work best for you.

The packaging of the new packs has been designed and manufactured to provide greater strength and durability. The laminated packaging protects the bag print allowing them to be stored and stacked without scuffing or marking. They are not only ideal for domestic customers to who are looking to store the fuel in its bag, but also perfect for resellers looking for a product which performs well and looks great on the shop floor.

  • Same great HouseFuel products
  • Strong, attractive packaging
  • Great reseller opportunity

The packaging and smaller size allows these bags to be moved and transported with ease as well as fit in tight areas with limited storage space. With every order we include a complimentary pack of HouseFuel Firelighters to ensure that when the temperature drops, you have everything required to get your fire going.

You can find our new range of 10kg packs by following the link to our products section. Here you will find the other fuels in our range including 25kg large packs as well as seasoned hardwood logs and kindling.

If you are interested in the possibility of reselling our 10kg packs or any other product in our HouseFuel range then please get in touch by either calling 01695 425 034 or emailing us via

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