Refer a Friend & Get £25

Like our fuel and happy with the service you have received? Why not earn £25 discount for each and every friend you recommend HouseFuel to.

It's super simple and could save you significantly on your yearly fuel cost.

Tell a Friend: Send unique URL to your friend

Friend Orders Fuel: Using your link, your friend places their order

Receive Discount: You will receive a £25 voucher code via email

You aren't limited to just one friend to refer! So if you share it with 50 friends that purchase from us, you can get 50 voucher codes in return! Please ensure that your email is correct, as without this - there is no way for you to receive your unique codes and get rewarded.

We think this is a fantastic way for people to save on their fuel costs each year and help spread the word about the savings that can be had using HouseFuel.

Ian Mercer - HouseFuel Managing Director

When your friend has used the unique code to purchase their fuel - you will be notified via an email from us with a one time code you can use to save on your next purchase. Please ensure that the email you input is correct, otherwise you will have no way to receive this deal.

If you have any questions regarding the refer a friend scheme, get in touch with one of our friendly staff on 01695 425 034 or email us on

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