Solid Fuel Industry News Roundup

The world of solid fuel is far from a boring and stale subject, in this edition of the industry news roundup, we will keep you up to date with some of the latest company news and the global solid fuel industry.

Unused Coal Mines & Abandoned Tunnels Could be ‘Perfect’ Underground Farms:

It’s with regret that the vast majority of coal mines in the UK lay dormant, abandoned shells compared to the underground cities that provided work for thousands across the country in days gone by. According to a study conducted by the University of Nottingham, very soon there may be new life again in our abandoned coal mines – this time in the form of underground food farms.

The idea is simple - unused underground mines, and tunnels can provide a ‘perfect’ environment for large scale crop production that is safe from diseases and pests as well as reducing the cost of transporting the crops once they are harvested.

Underground Crops

This idea has already gained support from coal mine owners such as Land Trues and Coal Authority. The president of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technology – Professor Riffat had this to say: “I am very excited about the enormous potential. Rather than import so much food by air, rail & sea, we could grow a lot of it here and in huge quantities. I wish I had thought of this idea when they were making all the miners redundant. We may have been able to offer them an alternative job”

How does it work?

The biggest problem with growing crops underground is that lots of artificial light will be required for the plants to survive. LED Lights are becoming extremely inexpensive to buy and run. A series of pumps will be installed to disperse water that is rich in nutrients to each crop. As Coal mines already have tunnels that can supply sufficient oxygen to support the crops, this makes them ideal spots to grow large quantities of food. It is believed that one mine shaft could have up to 10 harvests per year yield up to 80 tonnes of crops each year. 

To read more on the University of Nottingham Article on the subject.

HouseFuel Develops New Solid Fuel Product:

Here at HouseFuel, we continuously strive to ensure that we can provide the best solid fuel products at the best prices on the market, which is why we have developed a brand-new house coal – Inferno Briquettes. Manufactured in the UK, and in the form of small, easy to light ovals. Don’t let the size fool you, this solid fuel packs a punch as it produces the highest heat output of our entire solid fuel range.

Inferno briquettes can be used in open fires as well as multi-fuel stoves for a long-lasting fire that won’t let you down during the cold winter nights. Starting at just £284.99 per full pallet (1 tonne) Inferno briquettes are a fantastic solid fuel

Please keep in mind that Inferno Briquettes are a solid fuel and are not suitable for use in smoke control areas. For more information, click here.

To keep up to date with the latest news and information from us here at HouseFuel, make sure you keep an eye on our blog page and check out our other interesting content. 

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