The Importance of Chimney Safety

Here at HouseFuel we have learnt a lot over the years about Coal and Smokeless Fuel. With this knowledge comes experience with regards to the importance of being safe whilst burning these types of fuels. 

Therefore, we decided to create an eye catching infographic that highlights the significance of having your chimney swept regularly with different types of fuel such as smokeless ovals, house coal and wood. This is coupled with a few tips such as ‘the best time of year to sweep a chimney is just before winter’, giving you peace of mind that any potential issues can be rectified before the winter weather approaches. 

If you have any questions about chimney safety or would just like to know a little bit more information about any of our fuels, please get in touch on 01692 425 034. 

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Chimney Sweep Safety

Looking for a Chimney Sweep?

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If you're a chimney sweep and would like to be included, please get in touch.

What’s involved when sweeping a chimney? 

We produced a short video in which we asked a local chimney sweep to guide us through the sweeping process and what the potential dangers are if this is not carried out on a regular basis.

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