Is HouseFuel the company name?
Yes, HouseFuel is a trading name of HouseFuel Ltd (Company No. 09271847 / VAT reg. 651611950).
How should I store my fuel?
The best way to store fuel is in a bunker away from your house. Ideally this should be a dry place to shelter it from the elements.
What do I do with the pallet?
Unfortunately the haulier does not re-collect the pallets, so we ask our customers to dispose of the pallet safely, one popular option is to use it as kindling.
How is the fuel delivered?
The delivery for Smokeless Fuel and Firewood is made kerb side using a tail lift offload. The pallet is manoeuvred using a pallet pump truck. The delivery for House Coal can be tipped into a suitable coal bunker or store. If fuel is left in the bags, then these will be cut open before our delivery partner leaves your premises, in order to comply with new legislation, effective 1st May 2021. We’ve put together a handy page to outline our delivery information in the footer of the site.
Will I receive an invoice or receipt?
The confirmation email is your invoice and receipt. For a VAT receipt please email and include your postcode and order number.
Do you deliver to where I live?
It can get cold anywhere so we deliver anywhere! Simply select the postcode where you want the delivery to be made.
Does the price include delivery?
You will be given two options to choose from – Economy delivery which is free of charge to 90% of the UK, or you can pay extra for Next Day Delivery.
Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, you will need to buy at least 10 packs of our various fuels in order for them to qualify for delivery.
What should I do if the smoke is not clearing up the chimney?
You should immediately put out the fire and ventilate the area. There could be a fault with your appliance and you should consult a professional.
What is Anthracite?
Anthracite is a naturally occurring smokeless fuel. It is ideal for use in cookers, boilers and closed appliances burning with a low flame and small ash residue.
Do i need to get my chimney swept?
It is essential you have your chimney swept regularly in order to ensure it is safe to use. You can use our Chimney Sweep section to find sweeps in your area.
How long will my fuel burn for?
Unfortunately burning fuel is not an exact science. Burning times change depending on the appliance type, height and diameter of your chimney and the temperature you want a room. Typically, smokeless fuel burns longer than house coal.
What is smokeless fuel?
Smokeless fuel is a solid fuel type that does not produce smoke when burned. This allows for it to be burnt in Smoke Control Areas unlike regular house coal. Both our HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals and Burnrite are certified for us in these areas.
What is the difference between Coal Doubles and Trebles?
The terms trebles and doubles only refer to the size of the coal, not quality. Our Premium Doubles and Trebles are an excellent coal with very low ash and great heat output. Please see our Doubles and Trebles page to read more.
What is the best way to light my fire?
There is no set way on how to light a fire and methods vary. We have our own favourite steps however which can be found in our video section.
Can I burn house coal in a smoke control area?
No you cannot, certified smokeless fuels such as our HouseFuel Smokeless Oval’s or Burnrite are the only the fuels which can be burnt in these areas.
Why do you stock both Premium & Traditional House Coal
We chose to stock Premium House Coal as we believe this is the best coal available on the market today. It burns with very low ash, high heat output and is superior to all other coals. The Traditional coal is however a good fuel with moderate ash and heat output, it is the best value coal available.
Which fuel is right for me?
The type of fuel that provides you with the best results varies depending on a range of factors. The first step should be finding out whether or not you are in a smoke control area. From their check out our fuel chooser for a guide or call our specialist team today.
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