Guide to Hand Delivery of House Coal

Delivery Service for House Coal

With a change in legislation, effective the 1st May 2021, House Coal in England can only be delivered in open sacks by an Approved Coal Merchant. Our usual pallet delivery service can’t do this, so we’ve put in place an alternative method to have your Coal hand delivered:

  • When you order House Coal the fuel will be delivered by hand, in 25kg Plastic Bags.
  • Our delivery partner will leave the House Coal in a safe place on your property, or where directed to (if safe and reasonable to do so).
  • The House Coal can be tipped into a suitable coal bunker or store and the empty bags taken away for recycling.
  • Alternatively the House Coal can remain in the bags. However, please note, that the bags will be cut open before our delivery partner leaves your premises, in order to comply with the new legislation
  • Delivery Time is within 5 working days of order.
  • You do not need to be at home for delivery to take place
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