Solid Fuel Storage

Storing your coal in a dry place, protected from the elements is important in order to maximise its life span. Solid fuel storage is key to stop leaves, dust and other contaminants intermixing with your fuel. This can result in it being difficult to light and cause issues when burning. Storing your fuel away from your heating appliance is also recommended.

Why use a storage bunker?

Coal bunkers are an ideal product for your fuel storage both practically and aesthetically. The doors at the bottom of the bunkers protect the fuel from damage when shovelling. Top shovelling is not recommended as it can break the fuel creating fines as you plunge the shovel into the bunker. Shovelling from the bottom protects the fuel from this damage, whilst also evenly distributing any smaller pieces in with larger one, saving you from having the bottom of your bunker full of shards.

Storage Conditions

The Solid Fuel Association proposes a number of criteria how your fuel should ideally be stored in order to maximise its life span. Firstly they recommend that the fuel is covered reducing any contaminants which can enter the fuel. A smooth hard floor is important as this allows for easy shovelling, reducing the creation of fines and damage to the fuel product. A slight slope away from the fuel area is recommended as it stops water from residing within the bunker. Keeping your fuel dry makes the fuel easier to light when you want to use your heating appliance.

Adequate light and ventilation are also in important for a number of reasons. Light is essential in order to make the shovelling and bagging of any fuel safe. Often the trip to the coal bunker to top up supplies within the house is done when conditions are cold with snow and ice likely. Having good light is important in these conditions when slipping and falling are a possibility, especially when carrying heavy loads of fuel. Ventilation within the bunker means that moisture can escape allowing the fuel to dry.

Volume Calculation

If you do not know how much coal you need to buy in order to fill your existing bunker then fear not, our handy storage calculator is here to meet your needs. Simply type in the size of your bunker and the fuel you are looking to buy and we will let you know how many bags you need. Buying the right amount of fuel to fill your bunker means that you can be fully stocked up in the winter months when the temperature drops.

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