• "We ordered a pallet of the Burnwell blend which seems to work very well with our multi fuel stove, giving a very good heat output and less ash. The fuel arrived in its new design plastic sacks and the delivery driver was very helpful - sadly not always the case. The fuel ovals are spotted with some whitish residue but burn very well and are even better than the last delivery. So thank you very much Housefuels for service and value for money."

    23rd March 2019 - John Winlow , Norfolk.
  • "Yet another faultless delivery from the good people at Housefuel. Delivered this morning by a very nice delivery driver, who even offered to help fill my truck with the bags he delivered.(I have a long drive that his truck wouldn't be able to negotiate). I cannot praise Housefuel highly enough, have used before and would certainly use again. Big thanks to all involved. "

    20th March 2019 - graham hobbs, Wales.
  • "Absolutely first class from the quality of the coal to the helpfulness of the delivery driver. Thank you"

    14th March 2019 - Roger, LE7.
  • "Product is very good, delivery was a day late, luckily arrived just as we were going to work score reduced due to chasing delivery"

    12th February 2019 - Neil Smith, West Yorkshire.
  • "I’ve been using this product for about five years and can’t fault it. The delivery was quick and efficient as it was delivered on a pallet. I also took advantage of a discount code which enabled me to make a further saving. I’ll purchase more when I get through this load. "

    7th January 2019 - Helen Roberts, Pembrokeshire .
  • "Delivery was excellent. The coal burns well but does leave a more ash than I expected. "

    27th December 2018 - Neil Gulley, Kent.
  • "First class service .as a pensioner it's great to get the discount codes .can't fault the product .thankyou"

    19th December 2018 - John, Suffolk.
  • "Great product and good service yet again. "

    9th December 2018 - Bill, Beaminster.
  • "Thankyou! Great , friendly delivery driver, who put the pallet where i asked him to without complaint. ( which is a nice change from some companies) The Burnwell Blend is burning well in our Dunsley and thanks for the free firelighters. Will be ordering again from HouseFuel "

    9th December 2018 - S Wilson, YORK.
  • "The Burnwell Blend suits my open fire grate just great. Nice flame good heat , low ash and stays in all night so just a top up in the morning and we are away again. Delivery on the the day requested and the driver phoned prior to arrival so I was ready for him. Great service and good product have had this before so it is not just a one off so will be ordering again."

    5th December 2018 - Ian Stride, Bognor Regis.
  • "Ordered on Sunday, received it Tuesday morning! Driver found his way to the house on time with no problem, unlike most delivery drivers (!), and was quick, competent, and friendly. The fuel burns really well, with very little residue. And there were 2 free bags and a box of firelighters, plus a pallet to bust up for kindling! Couldn't ask for better - great!"

    11th November 2018 - Pete Abbott, Lincolnshire.
  • "We buy the fuel for our multifuel stoves every year from HouseFuel, wouldn’t get it from anywhere else. They have a good range of options available to suit all needs, and all competitively priced. Swapped to Burnwell blend this year and it is a very good product, gives out good heat, sits in all night and not too much ash - does exactly as described. Finally, cannot fault Palletways on the delivery, they are always on time and very accommodating. Alround a 5 star service."

    11th November 2018 - Phil Lannigan, Sudbury, Derbyshire.
  • "Excellent product with first class delivery would definately buy again"

    5th November 2018 - K Shilham, Leics.
  • "First time purchase with Housefuel, very impressed! Great price, 2 bonus bags & free firelighters. Delivery great, bags intact and amazingly clean! Will definitely be dealing with you again."

    29th October 2018 - Lorraine , Oxford .
  • "Delivery driver helpful. The coal is brilliant. I lit my log burner at 6.30 pm full of coal once I had a base. At 8am the next morning it was still just going so out some additional wood and coal on and started with flames again. So will burn throughout the night on those winter nights/days where you want to keep it continual."

    23rd October 2018 - Craig Wortley , Newark .
  • "Arrived when I was out, but left exactly where I requested. Burns well, "does what it says on the tin""

    17th October 2018 - david lowe, Ingrave, essex.
  • "Amazingly easy to order. Great service by extremely helpful driver. Will definitely be ordering again and recommending to all friends and family. Thank you so much Housefuel."

    6th October 2018 - Rich & Angie Watts, Eastleigh Hampshire .
  • "This burns longer than house coal and less ash and no lumps like with coal. Best price you will get and helpful driver. I was disappointed with the amount of split bags though. For that reason I can’t give a 5 star."

    6th October 2018 - Steve, Swindon.
  • "House fuel is always our first choice burnwell suits us because it burns for a very long time and very hot with little ash we also save a lot of money when we buy a full Pallett "

    30th September 2018 - Bob Cheshire , Cheshire .
  • "I have been ordering Burnwell Blend for over a year now great coal long lasting with great heat and 5 star service. "

    5th September 2018 - Tracey Wright, Ayrshire , Scotland.
  • "Fantastic service all round, from being able to order over phone ,to delivery,only complaint is ,if it is one, quite a few of the bags arrive slightly damaged"

    4th September 2018 - Bridget, Pickering.
  • "Palletwise did a much better delivery than the 2 Devereaux deliveries we had previously. A motorised fork lift made a real difference, and putting 2 Tonnes on 4 pallets was much safer for everyone. Product much better than any bought locally A very efficient service from start to finish."

    25th August 2018 - Lorraine, North Yorkshire Moors.
  • "Second order Excellent customer service fast reliable delivery .Helpful calm driver as we live down a small lane pallet left exactly where we asked. Product goes in our multi fuel stove and burns well ...little ash ...stays in well...some bags a bit dusty but as expected...excellent value for money.Just ordered dome for my parents in their 80's in Cornwall was delivered as instructed again excellent driver and service 100% would recommend."

    11th August 2018 - Mrs S James , Northamptonshire .
  • "Great coal, miss a proper coal man, hard to move a ton of coal by hand when you’re a Pensioner"

    19th July 2018 - Jo Buss, Bordon.
  • "1st class fuel with 1st class service."

    26th May 2018 - George Pickering, Banff.
  • "Excellent Price. Arrived on time. Super Fuel. More than pleased."

    4th April 2018 - Sid Hayward, Pickering North Yorkshire.
  • "This was the third order with Housefuel, brilliant price and cheap delivery, drivers are very helpful. We now get enough to supply a couple of neighbours as well, I wish I had found these years ago."

    3rd April 2018 - Peter Harrison, Frodsham, Cheshire.
  • "Have been a customer of housefuel for several years. My recent order of 1 tonne of Burnwell blend was as always delivered on time. The driver was very helpful. I have recommended this supplier to several people due to the customer service and value for money. "

    3rd April 2018 - Kenneth Fox, Pe7.
  • "Excellent product . Delivery within time stated and driver polite and helpful. I have used Housefuel for burnwell blend on 4 occasions and have never had a problem with ordering, delivery or product."

    13th March 2018 - Sheila newman, STAFFORD.
  • "First time we've ordered from HouseFuel. My son and I shared a pallet. Very straightforward - good communication. Driver battled through snow to make delivery. 'Man handling' the bags into garage and back of car certainly warmed us up! This product burns well as the name suggests. Log burner is often still warm in the morning. We will be ordering again ."

    13th March 2018 - Ann Bell, Richmond North Yorkshire.
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