• "Delivered within 2 days on time. Tried Inferno Briquettes for 1st time in my large multifuel stove. Excellent product High heat which lasts 24/7 on tick over. "

    13th January 2021 - Robert Bell, Salisbury.
  • "Easy to order, great delivery arrangements and inferno fuel is top quality."

    12th January 2021 - James Dickson, Kent.
  • "Slick delivery arrangements - pallet arrived on time. Fuel burns well and stays in over night. "

    11th January 2021 - Robin Morris, Norfolk .
  • "Clean packaging. Excellent fuel. Delivered on time by Palletways. Excellent!"

    14th December 2020 - James, Barton.
  • "Excellent service, call centre absolutely terrific, Mansfield delivery people really helpful. Have not tried the fuel yet, but is has to be streets better than the mixed 'house coal' I got from Harrisons by mistake....old saying 'buy cheap...buy twice'"

    8th December 2020 - Ernest Randall, Newark Notts.
  • "Seamless, what can I say? Well executed!"

    7th December 2020 - John, Inverurie Scotland.
  • "Great service from House Fuel and Palletways who delivered it. "

    7th December 2020 - Peter Horgan, Northampton.
  • "Perfect from ordering to being delivered Highly recommended co "

    7th December 2020 - andrew collins, Surrey .
  • "First time we have used this company. Very competitive price and efficient service. Will be using them from now on, thanks."

    6th December 2020 - Martin, Waterlooville.
  • "Excellent!!!"

    5th December 2020 - Tony Kahler, Barnsley .
  • "First time with these Inferno briquettes. Haven't quite found the right fuel for a basic 8Kw pot-belly stove with poor air control. The doubles were too smoky, the mixed ovoids were fair so it's Inferno time. Lee, the Palletways driver couldn't have been more helpful; cheery, despite the rain and he worked hard to get the full pallet in the best place. Wouldn't even accept the price of a cuppa and a bacon sandwich as a Thank you."

    3rd December 2020 - Terence Jay, Lincolnshire.
  • "Delivered on the day promised and the driver rang half an hour prior to delivery. Pallet was well packed and the driver managed to get it as close to the house as he could. He was very polite and helpful. The coal bags were all intact (not split or damaged) and it burns really well. Used in a small woodburner which is really kicking out the heat now. Great service."

    25th November 2020 - Angela Riley, Pilton.
  • "Yet another delivery from the fantastic people at Housefuel. I have reverted to the inferno briquettes, as the mixed ovals didn't cut it with my setup, but it was worth a try. If I had to be super picky, I'd say that for the second time in a row the delivery was not on the allotted day , but 2 days later, both times I was informed early enough on the original day of delivery though, for it not to be a problem. That said, Palletways have great communications, and their drivers are always very nice. I would highly recommend Housefuel to anyone wanting a coal delivery and will certainly be using again and again, prices permitting ,of course."

    21st November 2020 - Graham Hobbs, West Wales.
  • "excellent delivery no prolems"

    19th November 2020 - william holland, Stafford.
  • "Brilliant product . Only complaint is delivery to kerbside for us older folk is a difficulty Unfortunately the lorry does NOT bring a pallet trolley in order to move pallet nearer to the gate .. This may be a problem with future orders .as having to manually carry 40 bags at age 75 is becoming more difficult. Have no family members to help . :( "

    16th November 2020 - SUSIE SHERWIN, WOLVERHAMPTON.
  • "Great service! Driver very pleasant and helpful highly recommended!"

    8th November 2020 - Glynn, Cheshire.
  • "Great product and great service just as all the other reviews say "

    4th November 2020 - Mark, Southampton .
  • "Easy to order and pay. Coal delivered on the day requested, however it would be good if delivery company could give an approximate time. Came on a pallet and was adequately wrapped, however the bottom row of bags had been split open, it looked as though the forks on the fork lift truck had pierced the bags, still useable. Overall very good service, excellent product at a fair price."

    4th November 2020 - Vin Smith, Staffordshire Moorlands .
  • "Had several pallets delivered now, and it’s exactly as it says on the tin, delivered when they say it’s going to be driver usually rings about 10 minutes before he arrives, and can’t fault the briquettes again exactly as it says on the tin long lasting high heat output- there’s not a lot more to say "

    2nd November 2020 - Carl, Stoke-on-Trent .
  • "I can't comment on the quality of the coal, a I haven't used any. I would like to say though, that the delivery driver could not have been more helpful. He reversed into my drive, unloaded the pallet and moved it to a convenient position. Thank you."

    16th October 2020 - Phil, Horsham.
  • "I ordered from this company in early September 2020 and by now (mid October) am able to make fair review, having burned four × 25kg bags of Inferno. Office: I ordered by telephone as I had one or two questions. The lady who promptly took the call was very polite with excellent listening skills, well-informed, helpful and efficient, and recorded all the details with great accuracy, bar one letter of the delivery address, which she corrected and confirmed immediately, in email correspondence. 10 out of 10. Delivery: The driver appeared, as advised, on the correct date with all the confidence of a man who was not about to let a small incline stand between him and the completion of a job-well-done. Within a very short period of minutes he had skilfully manoeuvred one tonne of Inferno from his vehicle out in the street, along the road for some metres (he could have parked at the end of the drive but it did not seem to be a pressing issue for him), up the short (5m) drive and precisely located it at the rear of the garage (all concrete: drive and garage) with space remaining for my small car as in the ideal case, was desired. 10 out of 10. Product: This coal lives up to its name: It is very hot. I currently have a large multi-fuel unit (Arada Esprit Solo 8) which, alone, heats my entire flat. The weather has been mild to chilly and extremely wet and I have run this for several weeks now, as low as I can get it to go and on the smallest of loads, which has produced room temperatures between 20°C and 25°C (Phew!) One × 25kg bag is so far providing 24 hours of heat for, on average, 5.5 days. The ash is neither heavy and sparkly (implying impurities such as added sand) nor light and dusty (implying lower-calorific content such as wood pulp). The fuel is exceptionally easy to light from the smallest of dying embers etc., which are not extinguished by a fresh load. The Esprit Solo 8 has a design flaw in that the flue bore is too small, causing it to restrict flue-draft and so, run far too cool and condensing excessive amounts of creosote and early sooting-up. This has been a huge problem over the few years since its installation, often causing the rear soot-trap to overflow with this mirky, sticky, smelly substance and occasionally filling the flat with a blue-haze of acrid phenol-laden creosote vapour! But Inferno has so far produced, at the soot trap end at least, zero-value amounts of creosote: I have checked this regularly and to my utter astonishment it has been bone dry and clean.* Which is a massive improvement on previous fuels, all of which were far more pricey. (*Note, I burn a small serving of salt with each load, to help neutralise the creosote.) 11 out of 10. (Does what it says + solves a huge problem)."

    15th October 2020 - S Long
  • "Been using inferno briquettes for the last 6 years delivery always on time and the coal burns really well would definitely recommend to anybody, shame you won’t be able to get it from next year."

    13th October 2020 - Brian Turnbull, Gravesend.
  • "This is about the sixth time I've ordered from housefuel on line fantastic service never any issues, always delivered on time fantastic product wouldn't use anyone else "

    12th October 2020 - Mark Goddard, Somerset .
  • "Great product at a great price. Delivered on the day requested. I received a tracking link so I could see when it was due to within a couple of hours. Helpful delivery driver too. Thank you."

    11th October 2020 - Ray, East Sussex.
  • "good product, prompt and easy delivery."

    10th October 2020 - Pat Knowles, Chelmsford.
  • "Very good delivery with electric pump truck"

    10th October 2020 - Phil weir, Wigan.
  • "Inferno briquettes burn well for a very long time. Another year of great service. Delivery on time. Pallets packed well. Helpful driver. Always a great service. Thank you. "

    9th October 2020 - G Kent, Essex .
  • "Best coal by miles these briquettes are hot long lasting and a brilliant price will definitely Be buying these again"

    9th October 2020 - Geordie, Laxfield Suffolk .
  • "Problem free delivery. Very helpful driver."

    2nd October 2020 - Steve, Billington, Clitheroe.
  • "The Coal was delivered a day later than scheduled and I had to follow up with a call to find out where it was. This aside the customer service was fantastic and I even asked if they could deliver it to a specific location on my driveway. A fantastic product and would recommend to a friend and will be using again in the future. Would be 5 out of 5 but not keeping me updated on the reason my order was late was the only negative."

    21st September 2020 - Simon, Leeds.
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