Doubles and Trebles

HouseFuel Premium House Coal is a grade A Fuel and one of the best available on the market today. We use this fuel because we see the importance of meeting our customers needs.

Poor quality fuels, leaving large ash deposits and providing low heat simply make a mess without giving the warmth required. High ash content not only means a pile of ash once the fire has burnt out, but also that you are purchasing waste material. Coal is not cheap, so why waste money on a fuel with large amounts of matter which will not burn and instead reduces the efficiency of the fire. Our HouseFuel Premium House Coal has a max ash percentage of 2%.

The amount of ash within coal depends on the location in which it is mined. Coal is formed in a process called coalification, this is were vegetative matter breaks down over a 300 million year period resulting is the solid fuel we know so well today. This vegetation contains ash and as a result means it is present within coal. Depending on its location around the world, the coal is made from different plants and substances all containing various amounts of ash. This level is in the very core of the coal product with ash amounts depending on the seam and location in which it was formed. You can read more about the ‘Coalification’ process here.

With high heat output, minimal ash and an excellent glowing flame, our HouseFuel Premium House Coal is the ideal product for use on your open fire in a non-controlled smokeless area. With low sulphur content in the fuel, a max of 0.7%, the impact on the environment is also much lower than many other fuels of this type. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, HouseFuel Premium House Coal is available in two different sizes, doubles and trebles.


Doubles and Trebles are made from the same high quality, premium, grade A coal but are screened to different sizes.

Type Size (mm)

Doubles 20-50

Trebles 50-90

Trebles, because of their greater size and volume burn for longer in comparison to doubles. They can require slightly more effort when it comes to lighting them for this same reason. Doubles are a good all round size, performing across the board with a good burning duration and ease of lighting.

The HouseFuel Premium House Coal is a great product, its high carbon content results in less residual ash, creating a more efficient fire with low maintenance, beautiful flame and high heat.

Please note this product can not be used in smoke control areas, for these location our HouseFuel Premium Ovals are the ideal fuel.

If you have any questions regarding our fuels please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

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