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40 X Trebles
  • 40 X Trebles
  • 20 X Doubles
  • 10 X Doubles
  • Trebles Single Bag
  • Coal Trebles Size Reference
  • Scottish Doubles Burning
  • High heat
  • Low ash
  • High quality fuel

Premium Coal Trebles 25kg

(from) £ per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 40 x 25kg Bags
(price including delivery: )
Full Pallet = 40 x 25kg Bags
(from) £ per 1/2 Pallet
Half Pallet = 20 x 25kg Bags
(price including delivery: )
Half Pallet = 20 x 25kg Bags
(from) £ per 1/4 Pallet
Quarter Pallet = 10 x 25kg Bags
(price including delivery: )
Quarter Pallet = 10 x 25kg Bags

IMPORTANT: New Rules for Delivery of House Coal in England.

With a change in legislation, effective the 1st May 2021, House Coal in England can only be delivered in open sacks by an Approved Coal Merchant. This means we can no longer deliver House Coal on a pallet. Instead HouseFuel has appointed a new Delivery Partner to hand deliver House Coal on our behalf.

What does this mean for you?

  • When you order House Coal the fuel will be delivered by hand, in 25kg Plastic Bags.
  • You will still be able to select a delivery day during checkout but please note, this will not arrive on your desired day. Our depot network will deliver your house coal within 5-7 working days of order.
  • If you place an order containing an Approved Smokeless Fuel and a House Coal product, the Smokeless Fuel will be delivered on your desired delivery day however the house coal will arrive within 5-7 workings days of order.
  • Our delivery partner will leave the House Coal in a safe place on your property, or where directed to (if safe and reasonable to do so).
  • The House Coal can be tipped into a suitable coal bunker or store and the empty bags taken away for recycling.
  • Alternatively the House Coal can remain in the bags. However, please note, that the bags will be cut open before our delivery partner leaves your premises, in order to comply with the new legislation.
  • You do not need to be at home for delivery to take place.

These rules only apply to delivery of House Coal. If you require a pallet delivery of fuel in sealed plastic bags, please see our range of Approved Smokeless Fuels.

HouseFuel Premium Coal is a great, cost effective fuel for using on open fires.

Premium Coal is one of the highest quality coals available on the market. It will provide you with a very high heat output and as Premium coal has a naturally high carbon content, there will be less residual ash, creating a more efficient fire that will require lower maintenance.

HouseFuel Premium Coal provides high radiant heat with a beautiful flame helping to make the fireplace the centrepiece of any room.

Doubles and trebles do not relate to the quality of the coal, instead they are an approximation of size. Typically doubles are 25-50mm, whilst trebles are 50-90mm.

  • Ideal for open fires
  • Very high quality coal
  • High heat, low ash
  • Cost effective

This product is not suitable for smoke control areas.

Please note: This product may arrive in different packaging shown in the images above however the quality is the same.

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  • "Second order and still an excellent cost efficient way to buy fuel. Fast delivery by pleasant courier."

    13th April 2021 - David Robson, Stockton-on-Tees.
  • "Everything spot on which says it all"

  • "Perfect delivery of another pallet. Very happy to buy from housefuel."

    13th March 2021 - Henry, Essex.
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