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Slack 25kg

(from) £130.00 per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 40 x 25kg Bags
(from) £109.99 per 1/2 Pallet
Half Pallet = 20 x 25kg Bags
(from) £79.99 per 1/4 Pallet
Quarter Pallet = 10 x 25kg Bags
(price including delivery: )

Do not buy this product unless you know what slack is and how to use it. Slack is not a substitute for coal or smokeless ovals!

Slack is formed from the small pieces and dust left over from packing our other fuel products. Suitable for open fires, slack is often used alongside other coals, smokeless fuels and logs to reduce the fires ferocity and achieve a longer burn rate.

As the slack is a mix of all our other fuels, this product is not authorised for use in smoke control areas.

*This product is packed in plain white bags.*

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