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Kiln Dried Logs 40 x 30L Nets

(from) £ per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 40 Units x 30 Litres
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Full Pallet = 40 Units x 30 Litres

Dried to a moisture level of less than 20% in a purpose built kiln, Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are Ready to Burn certified. What’s more, these large bags are big enough to provide great value for money, but still small enough to be delivered straight to your log store.

  • Kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content
  • Ready to Burn
  • Burns at a high temperature with a long and natural flame
  • Low smoke emissions make them better for the environment
  • Low in tar so better for your appliance
  • Ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens or traditional open fires
  • Can even be used in chimeneas to keep you warm outside on late summer nights
  • Packed into water resistant bags to maintain a fresh, dry quality.
  • Carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests

When buying Birch wood logs for your fireplace, pizza oven, wood burner, or outdoor fire pit, it is always important to ensure the wood has been properly dried. Our kiln dried Birch is dried to below 20% moisture content. This is the optimum moisture content that gives you a much cleaner, hotter, consistent burn with little smoke.

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