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Economy Ovoids Size Reference
  • Economy Ovoids Size Reference
  • Economy Ovoids Single Bag
  • 40 X Economy Ovoids
  • 20 X Economy Ovoids
  • 10 X Economy Ovoids
  • Cost effective
  • Low ash
  • Made in the UK

Economy Ovoids 25kg

(from) £309.99 per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 40 x 25kg Bags
(from) £184.99 per 1/2 Pallet
Half Pallet = 20 x 25kg Bags
(from) £114.99 per 1/4 Pallet
Quarter Pallet = 10 x 25kg Bags
(price including delivery: )

HouseFuel Economy Ovoids is a budget smokeless fuel ideal for use on both open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

This fuel offers great value for money without taking away from the fire it creates. The high temperatures that the ovoids burn at make them ideal for those cosy nights in front of the fire. Slumbering well this product often lasts overnight.

The HouseFuel Economy Ovoids provide a lasting fire and burn with a long, attractive flame. With good all-round performance, the Economy Ovoids are the ideal choice for most households.

Suitable for use in Smoke Controlled Areas, these ovoids are cleaner burning than traditional house coal

  • Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.
  • Compact ovoid.
  • Excellent value for money.

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