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A range of the highest quality house coals available on the market.

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A range of the highest quality smokeless fuels.

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"We always order this Coal in our opinion it’s the best, we weren’t happy with the delivery tho, we asked for a call half hour before so one of us could get home, they phoned to say they were outside the property and would dump it on the main road, luckily I work 5 mins away and got home just as the driver was pulling off, if they would have phoned like I requested he would have been able to unload the pallet completely onto my drive, and because he didn’t the unloading was harder as he had to do 1 at a time, also when we’ve ordered in the past we have always received a box of firefighters this time we didn’t. "

16th September 2018 - Jeffrey Gilbert, Gloucestershire .
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