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  • Christmas Giveaway Tn Lumps of Coal for Christmas 13/12/2016 What is the origin of receiving a lump of coal for Christmas? Find out here. Continue reading
  • Guide On How We Deliver Guide On How We Deliver We go through how exactly we deliver our fuel products to your home via a national haulier, up and down the UK. Continue reading
  • Coal Prices Tn Coal Prices 04/10/2016 We discuss the recent closure of Kellingley, current prices of coal and whether it may increase. Continue reading
  • Cleanair Act The Clean Air Act The Clean Air Act consolidated earlier legislation and controls the level of emissions into the atmosphere. Continue reading
  • Coal Mining Tn Coal Mining Modern day techniques are a great step forward from picking away where a seam came to the surface. Continue reading
  • Chimney Safety Tn Chimney Safety We have put together relevant information on everything to do with chimney safety and best practices. Continue reading
  • Coalification Tn Coalification Coalification is the formation of coal over a three hundred million year process. Learn more here. Continue reading
  • Carbon Monoxide Aware Be Carbon Monoxide Aware We urge our customers to be aware of the dangers involved with Carbon Monoxide. Find out more here. Continue reading
  • Solid Fuel Storage Solid Fuel Storage Storing fuel in the correct conditions maximises its life span and reduces contaminants from intermixing. Continue reading
  • Fuel Chooser Fuel Chooser Are you a bit stuck on which fuel you need for your appliance? No bother, see our handy fuel chooser guide. Continue reading
  • Guide To Chimney Sweeping Chimney Sweeping This video demonstrates how a professional chimney sweep is carried out. Continue reading
  • Bagging Plant Bagging Plant Want a sneak peak of how we pack our fuels? This video takes you through just that. Continue reading
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