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  • House Fire Thumb Fire Safety in the Home 02/08/2018 some of the essential fire safety tips and precautions you should know about. Continue reading
  • Coal Mine Thumbnail Coal Mining in the UK 16/07/2018 Coal has an incredibly long history of usage in the UK. The once an essential energy source has been in decline for decades as gas and renewable energy is now king. Continue reading
  • Reviews Glowing Reviews & Growing Supply 05/10/2017 We would like to say thank you to all our new and returning customers. Continue reading
  • Homefire Ovals Bag Thumb Homefire Ovals now available 08/09/2017 Coal Products Limited’s Homefire Ovals, a great new addition to the HouseFuel range. Continue reading
  • Christmas Giveaway Tn Lumps of Coal for Christmas 13/12/2016 What is the origin of receiving a lump of coal for Christmas? Find out here. Continue reading
  • Guide On How We Deliver Guide On How We Deliver We go through how exactly we deliver our fuel products to your home via a national haulier, up and down the UK. Continue reading
  • Coal Prices Tn Coal Prices 04/10/2016 We discuss the recent closure of Kellingley, current prices of coal and whether it may increase. Continue reading
  • Cleanair Act The Clean Air Act The Clean Air Act consolidated earlier legislation and controls the level of emissions into the atmosphere. Continue reading
  • Coal Mining Tn Coal Mining Modern day techniques are a great step forward from picking away where a seam came to the surface. Continue reading
  • Chimney Safety Tn Chimney Safety We have put together relevant information on everything to do with chimney safety and best practices. Continue reading
  • Coalification Tn Coalification Coalification is the formation of coal over a three hundred million year process. Learn more here. Continue reading
  • Carbon Monoxide Aware Be Carbon Monoxide Aware We urge our customers to be aware of the dangers involved with Carbon Monoxide. Find out more here. Continue reading
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