Bagging Plant

Aidan Published on Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to HouseFuel, the UK’s fastest-growing coal merchant. We believe everyone deserves good, old-fashioned customer service alongside the highest quality fuels available today. All our range is available on next-day delivery service, meaning you are never left in the cold when those temperatures drop. Packaged in clear, strong bags, the packs are easy to move to where it’s needed.

To ensure we have stocks in place to cover year-round demand, we have installed a state of the art packing lines, which provide us with a high-quality, efficient production process.

At the beginning of this process, your order starts as loose fuel in our yard in large stockpiles. The different fuel categories are kept in clear, separate bays to ensure no cross-contamination of the various fuel types. From these storage areas, the coal or ovals, depending on what you have ordered, are loaded into the outside hopper. This hopper then vibrates to remove unwanted dust and smaller pieces not wanted in the final product.

Your fuel is transported along conveyor belts into a secondary hopper. This section accurately weighs it to ensure no underweight bags can be dispatched to customers. The carefully calculated correct amount of fuel is then lowered into the awaiting pack below.

The packaging for the bags is designed and printed on one long continuous roll. This roll is placed into the packing plant, where the machine draws upon it as required. The film proceeds through an array of rollers until it is sealed at the bottom and filled with the weighed fuel from above. Once filled, the bags are sealed at the top, stopping the fuel from falling out and creating the bottom of the next bag.

Now formed, filled and sealed, your order continues along a conveyer belt where it is stacked onto a pallet. This robotic arm can pack 20 bags per minute, ensuring we can provide a stable supply throughout the year.

Now each of your bags is positioned on the pallet, it is wrapped to protect the fuel, so nothing is damaged in transit.

Once wrapped and ready for dispatch, the order is labelled with your address details and loaded onto the awaiting haulage vehicle. When fully loaded, the haulage vehicle departs our production location, and your order travels across the country to be delivered to you.

For further information on solid fuel or any products in our HouseFuel range, please visit, or contact us on the number shown.