What To Do With Your Used Coal Bags & Pallets

Aidan Richardson Published on Nov 30, 2023

After you’ve purchased and used your coal, you’ll have some packaging that you might not know what to do with. You might be wondering: what can you do with these leftover bags and pallets?


HouseFuel has several resourceful ways that you can reuse your coal bags or pallets so that you have less waste and perhaps a new household item that you didn’t know you needed.


Many are familiar with the benefits of smokeless fuel, but let’s look at the best ways to creatively use the packaging it comes in to reduce waste.


How to reuse your coal bags


As the trees grow and plants age in your garden, you’ll want to collect any leaves that have fallen or errant twigs laying around. Keeping one of your HouseFuel coal bags stored away for when your garden needs clearing is a wise idea. You know that the coal bags will be strong enough to hold whatever it is you’re clearing from your garden area, more so than a shopping bag at least.


There is also the option of using your coal bag for new plants. Simply wash the bag out, making sure there is no residual coal left in it, then fill it with compost and you’ve got yourself a simple planter for vegetables or garden plants.


We’re assuming you want to stop weeds growing through areas where you have plants or vegetables sprouting. Laying the coal bags out flat on the outskirts of the flower bed or vegetable patch discourages weeds from appearing.


How to reuse your pallets


The main reason you’d be buying coal briquettes is for a fire, so why not use the wooden pallet as kindling for your fire? As long as the pallet you receive isn’t treated, painted, or softwood, it will work well to get your fire going. Break down your pallet and pile the wooden pieces on top of your firelighters when assembling your combustion chamber.


Others decide to use the pallets as a form of garden furniture. Decorating the wooden pallet and then standing it upright (if it’s a larger crate) while making sure it’s fixed in place allows you to hang plant pots and other decorations. Try laying it out and securing it to a flat and raised surface to use it as a rustic outdoor garden table for resting food and drinks on.


If your coal pallets are in the shape of small containers or crates, you can grow herbs or vegetables out of them with the walls already in place.



Upcycling is a creative and environmentally-friendly way of using all the items at your disposal for other purposes. Store your coal bags or pallets to one side until you’ve decided what you want to do with them. For all your smokeless fuel supply needs, explore the HouseFuel website today.