House Coal Fuel Comparison

Aidan Published on Sep 23, 2022

At HouseFuel, we are often asked about the differences between our British and Colombian Coal. Therefore, we have decided to fill the gaps with an eye-catching house coal fuel comparison infographic.

Just in case you were wondering, we have also added information about the differences between ‘Doubles’ and ‘Trebles’, as sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you are purchasing, with the benefits clearly stated to best suit your requirements.

In terms of our Colombian Coal, it is the highest quality coal on the market. It provides a tremendous amount of heat with very little ash. The ash content for this coal, in particular, is 2%, which means there will be substantially less waste material, reducing the time spent cleaning up with the added benefit of good value for your money.

On the other hand, our British Coal is a free-burning fuel ideal for open fires. This particular coal has moderate ash content, 3% to be precise, and is excellent coal when the price is a crucial driver in your purchasing decision. Coal is still a high-quality fuel and will provide an attractive flame and high heat output.

Now to discuss the pressing matter of the ‘Doubles’ and ‘Trebles’; the question we are often asked in the HouseFuel office! What exactly does this mean? Well… all this is referring to is the size of the pieces of coal.

The average size for Doubles is 20mm by 50mm, with the Trebles being 50mm by 90mm. It’s as simple as that! Please note that the stated sizes can vary.

In conclusion, both of the fuels we are comparing are great. They come in high-quality packaging (meaning they can be stored outside without problems) and are an ideal fuel for open fires. Our coal range will produce excellent heat output and make the fireplace the centrepiece of any room. What could be better for a cold winter’s day when the weather is not the best…?

NB: Please note that both coal products are not suitable for use within smoke control areas.

If you’d like further information about these two products or others in our range, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our advisors, who will be happy to help. Getting in touch could not be easier. View our contact page to see the different methods and choose the one you prefer.