Heating and Energy Bills

Aidan Published on Sep 23, 2022

The rising heating and energy bills costs are affecting households up and down the country. The continued price increase has resulted in larger bills for all domestic homes. Many people are now looking at alternate heating methods to decrease costs.

This has increased the popularity of traditional heating methods, with coal and smokeless fuels becoming more commonly used. Using multi-fuel stoves and open fires have grown in use due to their modern, fashionable design and the high heating efficiency they provide.

Smokeless fuel's initial cost is more significant than regular house coal but works out more cost-effective due to its long burning rates and better heat output. Providing more heat for an extended time reduces the cost per kWh energy and heat created. This efficiency improves further when the fuel is used on a closed appliance rather than an open one, as heat and energy produced in the burning of the fuel are not lost through an exterior wall.

Smokeless and house coal offers a lower pence per kWh price compared to several other heating and energy options on the market today. According to research by the Nottingham Energy Partnership, smokeless fuel costs just 9.03 pence/kWh, significantly less than the expensive 16.66 pence/kWh provided by electricity. These rates are based upon averages across the industry to provide a well-rounded, balanced comparison.

The difference between the cost of smokeless fuel and electricity in terms of kWh can make for a significant saving in the long run. Over a year, a difference of 7.63 pence / kWh can substantially impact the cost of bills and overall payments. Using solid fuel can also provide users with greater flexibility on payments. Solid fuel users can shop around to find the best prices whilst not being tied into long-term contracts with suppliers.

Over a year, a difference of 7.63 pence / kWh can substantially impact the cost of bills and overall payments.

One aspect that deters households from turning to coal and smokeless fuels is the initial cost required to purchase and install an open fire or multi-fuel stove. Installation fees can be significant and often lead to users opting for unregistered, ineffectual engineers to lower costs, which we highly discourage. We highly recommend when fitting any solid fuel appliance, use a HETAS-approved installer. The long-term beneficial impact of using coal and smokeless fuel can offset this initial cost, saving money in the long run.

If you want solid fuel, then you are in the correct place. Here at HouseFuel, we offer a range of products ideal for an array of appliances and whether you reside within a smoke control area. Our HouseFuel Premium Coal is a grade A Colombian fuel that is ideal for open fires and offers high heat output and low ash. Our HouseFuel Premium Ovals are great fuel for several different appliances and offer long burning times, high heat and low ash.

If you have any questions or queries regarding solid fuels, please contact our office on 01695 425 034.