How Much Coal Do You Need For Winter?

Aidan Published on Nov 30, 2023

The colder months have crept in and we’re all looking for ways to stay warm and heat our homes. As gas and electric bills remain high, there are some alternative ways to do this.


One such way to heat your home is burning coal. If you have a fireplace or a multi-fuel stove, certain types of coal could be just what you need.


Let’s take a look at how much coal is sufficient for the winter period and what else you should probably know about this fuel source.


How much coal is enough?


A lot of this depends on your circumstances. If you have found (like many others are encountering today) that your household bills have increased because of high gas and electric prices, you might consider smokeless coal as a good option.


Having a fireplace with a chimney in your home can be a wonderful aesthetic addition to any home, as can a multi-fuel stove. They might cost a significant fee to install if there isn’t an existing stove fitted into your house, but you could save on monthly spending when compared to other types of energy use.


The question you need to ask yourself is how often you are likely to light fires. If you like the idea of having a roaring fire in your home every day during the colder seasons, you should probably stock up on more smokeless coal than infrequent users. It also depends on how big your home is, the size of the fireplace, and other factors.


The coal options HouseFuel offer


As a rule of thumb, a 25kg bag of smokeless coal could last you a week if you light one fire a day. Depending on how much you top up your fire with coal and the size of the combustion chamber will affect this.


Thankfully, there are large bag options available at HouseFuel that mean you can purchase enough coal to store away should you need it. The Smokeless Ovals, Superheat Smokeless, and Stovemaster choices are supplied in 25kg bags, taking the hassle out of more regular shopping.


The 25kg coal price is competitive, but these options can be further enhanced when purchasing in bundles for greater long-term savings. This could help you save in the long run if you were going to purchase a large amount anyway.


House coal has had its purposes in previous generations, but it is being phased out by UK legislation due to impacts on the environment and health concerns. For this reason, we’d suggest that you opt for smokeless coal instead so that no harmful pollutants are present in your home and those around the fire won’t breathe in a substantial amount of Particulate Matter.


For all your smokeless coal needs, explore the HouseFuel website to see what we offer.