How to Burn Coal in a Multi-Fuel Stove: Tips for Efficient Heating

Aidan Published on Nov 30, 2023

Having a multi-fuel stove in your home is a great way to heat your property. It provides warmth and an ambience that can add so much to your home.


Knowing how to use a multi-fuel stove is of the utmost importance. The way you burn coal and knowing which to select is crucial to a strong and safe fire.


This article will examine the best approaches to burning coal in a multi-fuel stove for an effective and efficient fire.


How to use smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove


Once you’ve decided to buy smokeless coal in whatever quantity you need, you can start preparing your stove. Make sure that the appliance is relatively clean from the last time you used it so that your fire will burn more efficiently.


Place your kindling and firelighters in the combustion chamber and then light the firelighters carefully. Once the initial flames have appeared, you can safely put plenty of smokeless coal on top of this, spread evenly across to distribute the airflow well.


You’ll notice that the coal begins to become red due to the intense heat and the flames will grow. The vent and grate on your multi-fuel stove device are designed to handle these temperatures and filter whatever might exude from the flames.


Once your fire has roared for as long as you like, let the embers die out, leave the appliance to cool down for a considerable amount of time, and then give it a thorough clean to save yourself a job the next time you use it.


Burning coal efficiently in a multi-fuel stove


Multi-fuel stove appliances are versatile and a worthwhile addition to any house. Using coal within these devices is thankfully a simple task and hardly any different to creating fires in a fireplace or firepit. 


We’d always suggest that you purchase smokeless coal over traditional house coal. There are a few reasons for this; studies have shown that traditional house coal contains pollutants that are bad for the environment and are linked to respiratory problems in people.


It’s for this reason that this type of coal is being phased out across the UK. Government legislation is trying to rid domestic use of this and a great way to get around this is by purchasing smokeless coal. Local restrictions on smoke levels are a factor in some parts of the country too. HouseFuel has a wide range of high-quality smokeless coal options for you to consider.


Anthracite coal is the most dense form of coal and contains the greatest amount of carbon, resulting in less volatility and better use of the energy within the coal briquettes.


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