Smokeless Coal for Fire Pits: Benefits and Drawbacks You Should Know

Aidan Published on Nov 30, 2023

A fire pit is a brilliant addition to any garden. It’s a wonderful source of heat and looks fantastic when a strong flame has been produced.


So when it comes to the fuel source, how good is smokeless coal? Will it work optimally outdoors? And can you burn smokeless coal in a fire pit?


This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using smokeless coal in a fire pit, and the other things you need to know.


The benefits of using smokeless coal in a fire pit


Can you use smokeless coal in a fire pit? The answer is yes, you can!


One of the main advantages of smokeless coal is that it emits far fewer pollutants than other forms of coal. Smoke billowing from traditional forms of coal can harm those nearby and is bad for the environment. 


If your residence is in a designated Smoke Control Area, you will have to remain cautious of the amount of smoke your fire pit produces. The new regulations were brought in so that there are measures on the air quality around us. Eventually, it is believed that traditional coal will be banned in the UK as it contains too many harmful chemicals. For this reason, stocking up on smokeless coal is a wise idea.


In a properly assembled fire pit, smokeless coal can burn very efficiently. Smokeless coal can burn for much longer than regular coal and doesn’t leave the residual soot in the fire pit after either, meaning you’ll have less to clean after every use. 


The longevity of the smokeless coal means you won’t have to make as many purchases and have plentiful storage if you decide to buy in bulk. View the entire range of HouseFuel smokeless fuel to see what is available.


The drawbacks of using smokeless coal in a fire pit


If you choose to cook on your fire pit, which is perfectly fine to do so, you might want to consider what flavour you get from your cooking process. Many people like the smoky flavour that comes with fuels producing the typical smoke you’d see from a fire.


This flavour will have to be sacrificed if you choose to use smokeless coal instead. The meat, or whatever you decide to cook on the fire, will have a different flavour when smokeless coal is used.


While many people report less ash as a result of their smokeless coal, they do claim that the ash that is left can be different to that of traditional coal. This ash varies in its acidic levels and can be more difficult to clean. As long as you are burning the smokeless coal correctly, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, not everybody is an expert in burning their fuel source so it could be problematic.

For all your fire pit requirements, HouseFuel has a range of products designed to help with your fire.