Why Use House Coal

Aidan Published on Sep 23, 2022

Bituminous House Coal is the typical black fuel used worldwide for a wide variety of needs. It is formed over a 300 million-year process called coalification.

It has been the coal of choice for generations due to its high heat and dancing, elegant flames making it the heart of many homes. Even in modern-day society and environmental concerns, it still plays a role in many fireplaces.

House Coal is not manufactured like smokeless fuels, it is a natural product mined all over the world, ranging from South America to Eastern Russia. As a natural product found and sourced throughout the world, the composition of the fuel changes significantly from location to location. Colombian, Russian and Polish bituminous coal, for example, although all classed as ‘house coal,’ offer very different performances. Colombian coal is often considered the best house coal available for the domestic market today.

"Here at HouseFuel, we only sell coal we want to use. We do not stock or sell poor quality, high ash, high waste fuels and have instead chosen house coal which we want to use repeatedly. That is why the only coal we sell is graded A Colombian Fuel. HouseFuel Premium Coal is low in ash, sulphur and moisture but provides excellent heat output, making it the ideal fuel for your open fire."

Purchasing the correct house coal for your needs can make it the ideal fuel compared to many available on the market today. Low ash, high heat and cost-effective pricing can be achieved. Our HouseFuel Premium Coal meets all of these requirements, containing 2% ash max, high calorific value (heat output) and a great price point. As a premium quality fuel sourced from Colombia, this grade A coal is selected from some of the best seams in the world, making it the perfect choice for domestic open fires.

One important consideration is that as house coal is not smokeless, it cannot be used in smoke control areas except for exempt appliances outlined by DEFRA. If you reside within one of these areas, you must only use smokeless fuel. If you are unsure whether you live in a smoke control area, please contact your local council environmental department. If you require smokeless fuel, then worry not. We sell HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals, perfect for your needs.