Stovemaster Has Arrived

Aidan Published on Sep 23, 2022

At HouseFuel, we have been searching high and low for a fuel that is not only specifically designed for closed appliances but one that provides incredible performance with the great heat output and low ash. After testing a wide selection of fuels available on the market, we found one that stood out from the rest, Stovemaster.

Stovemaster is manufactured by Arigna Fuels and aims to be the best-closed appliance fuel available. With a calorific value of 33,100 Kj/KG, this incredibly efficient fuel produces a tremendous amount of heat per gram burnt and leaves very little ash behind. Formed from a high percentage of anthracite, this fuel can continue to burn hour after hour with the correct airflow.

This authorised smokeless fuel is a compact, slow-burning oval, perfect for multi-fuel stoves, room hearers and selected cookers. A HETAS-approved fuel, Stovemaster has been rigorously tested to their extremely high standards, confirming it is fit for purpose and safe to use on your appliance.

HouseFuel Stovemaster is now available for order in our store. Simply click here to be whisked away to our shopping area.

If you have any questions regarding Stovemaster or our other fuels, please do not hesitate to contact us.