What is a Smoke Control Zone? Do I Live In One?

When choosing an appropriate fuel for your home, you need to base your decision on your appliance, you requirements and more importantly whether or not you live in a ‘Smoke Control Zone’. So what is a smoke control zone?

We thought we'd put together a few quick and handy questions to help guide customers that are a little unsure of Smoke Control Zones and whether or not they live within one. If in doubt you can always ask one of our friendly customer service team on 01695 425 034. 

What is a Smoke Control Zone?

Smoke Control Zones were set up following The Clean Air Act in 1993. This allowed authorities to declare areas as Smoke Control Zones, which limit what can and cannot be burnt in your area. These were set up to help contribute to the ongoing task of reducing our emissions.

Do I live in a Smoke Control Zone?

Smoke Control Zones are in place across the country and can vary from one street to the next, so if you are unsure whether your house is in a Smoke Control Zone then contact your local council. You can be fined up to £1000 for burning a non authorised fuel so it is worth the phone call to be sure!

What can I burn in a Smoke Control Zone?

If you live in a Smoke Control Zone, you cannot burn traditional coal. You can only burn fuels that are approved by DEFRA as being ‘Smokeless Fuels’, which means that it has met their requirements as being smokeless. Smokeless fuels can be naturally occurring in the form of anthracite, and there is also a large selection of manufactured smokeless fuels on the market. When choosing your fuel, just remember to check that it is DEFRA approved for Smoke Control Areas.

Can I still have a BBQ?!

Don’t worry, Barbeques are not affected by Smoke Control Zones, neither are garden chimineas, so you can still have your summer parties! Smokeless Zones only apply to emissions released through building chimneys.

Whether you live in a smoke control zone or not, we have solid fuel that is safe and legal to burn to keep you warm during the harsh winter months.

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