Can You Burn Coal in a Wood Burner or Log Burner?

Aidan Published on Nov 30, 2023

Using your wood burner to heat your home or just provide a good ambience is a fantastic addition to any residence. The beautiful flames that can be produced when you burn wood in this stove are satisfying.


But let’s say you have excess stock of coal stored away in your house. Would it ever be OK to use this coal in your log burner?


This article will look at whether you can use coal in a wood burner and what other options are open to you.


Can you burn coal in a log burner?


It is never a smart move to put coal in your wood burner. Wood-burning stoves are only designed to handle wood and are given their name for this reason. Purchasing kiln-dried wood, which produces far less smoke,, is a far better option for your wood-burning stove to keep the device operational and everybody nearby the fire safe.


We understand that these devices aren’t exactly cheap, but if you want to burn coal in some sort of stove, it is only advisable to do so in a multi-fuel stove because it has the capability to handle this type of fuel as well as wood.


The problem with burning coal in a log burner is the temperatures that are reached when coal burns. Coal rises to such a high temperature that wood burners can’t handle this heat. The reason is that wood burners don’t usually have a vented grate because, when you’re burning wood, there isn’t any need for it.


A vented grate is generally built into a multi-fuel stove because manufacturers know this is needed when coal is going to be used. Conversely, wood doesn’t reach the same high temperatures that coal does, which is why it’s fine for wood to be burned in these stoves.


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Important information on coal


If you decide to burn coal inside, always choose smokeless coal. Anthracite is a common material that is used to form briquettes because of its high carbon content and density. This results in efficiency and long-lasting duration.


Smoke Control Areas are important to abide by because they regulate the amount of emissions our environment faces. Save yourself from costly financial penalties by using smokeless fuel instead of traditional coal.


The smokeless coal that HouseFuel supplies is Ready to Burn certified, meaning it won’t produce visible smoke and produces next to no harmful pollutants.


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